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A terrible murder was committed in Várpalota. Enikő, a young mother, and her son, Gergő, were brutally murdered. The woman’s head was beaten up and the young child’s throat was slit. Police thought the woman’s ex-partner, Zsolt B., was the most likely suspect, and he did confess this week, Bors reports.

Ex-partner Zsolt B. has been arrested, and he confessed to both murders.

Dr Péter Polgár, Zsolt’s public defender, said that the man is confused and he is haunted by what he has done. Zsolt’s confession lasted for hours when he detailed what had happened leading up to the horrible acts. Enikő and Zsolt had previously agreed to meet, as the man had her laptop with him because he was fixing it. They spent several hours together talking.

Zsolt was unable to say why he did what he did. He has no explanation for his actions. He did claim one thing: he did not kill out of jealousy.

According to Zsolt’s lawyer, the man has accepted that Enikő wanted to get back together with Gergő’s father.

So far, Zsolt has done nothing illegal in his life. He had no criminal record. His friends were also shocked by what had happened. No one suspected that the calm and quiet man would ever be capable of doing such horrid acts. Bors writes that Zsolt’s ex-girlfriend even said:

“I could have never imagined Zsolt even raising his voice. We have been together for four years and he has never laid his hands on me, he was not aggressive, he was quiet and he loved children and animals. He never hurt anyone. As far as I know, he loved Enikő’s son too.”

Gergő’s father claims that he knew all along that Zsolt was the murderer. He also said:

“I am still unable to process what happened. Who can kill a two-year-old who hurt no one? Our family wants to look him in the eye. We will be there when he will be released. There is no punishment just enough for what he has done. Nothing will bring Enikő and my son back.”


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