According to, Bud Spencer became friends Berlusconi before he became a politician but Spencer did not regret stood under the banner. He knows the affection of the Hungarian audience. His three children often visit him, Terence Hill and his wife had lunch at him a few weeks ago.

He is 86 years old, wants to do the things he did in his youth, but his body can’t. Bud Spencer feels the love of the Hungarian fans, and he thinks the elders admire him because of his water polo past. He also said Hungarians are generous, just like he in his movies.

In response to the question of, he said he would be ridiculous if he’d fight in his age in the movies, but he has some pleasant surprises. The actor also said that he earned a lot with They Call Me Trinity films, but he and Terence Hill made the film All the Way, Boys! almost free for their friend, Giuseppe Colizzi.

A couple of weeks ago, Terence Hill visited him and ate spaghetti together, which is one of the most favorite dishes of Bud Spencer.

Answering the question of, he said he loved Hungary, but he hasn’t visited the country for a long time. However, he keeps awesome memories about the land when he played with his water polo team in Budapest.

A couple of years ago, Bud Spencer was the candidate of Forza Italia, the party of Silvio Berlusconi. He said he didn’t regret this, and the former Prime Minister is a good friend of him.

To mention sports, he still watches water polo matches, but he noticed the rules have changed in order to be more spectacular. His another favorite sport is rugby.

Bud Spencer has 3 children; one of them is living in Los Angeles. His mother and wife had the greatest influence on him. He has been married for 56 years.

He also talked about his life philosophy which is: enjoy the great things life can give and try to cope with bad experiences. He wrote a song about I, which is called Futtente.

The famous actor promotes a Hungarian beer, and he also likes this drink. He has good memories of Oktoberfest, said.

There were several occasions when it was rumored he was dead, but he is not interested in this topic. The movie star is sure a new adventure begins after life.

The interview was organized by Arany Facan beer.

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