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Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) would run its 200E bus serving Liszt Ferenc International Airport all day, Index.hu reports. In connection with the modifications, the Centre for Transport initiated social reconciliation.

According to BKK’s Friday announcement, they want to introduce a new schedule fit to the airline’s changes in their schedules at the end of March. They also plan on placing more ticket machines in many locations in the city centre.

In order to serve the airport better at night, BKK intends to operate 200E bus all day and all night, substituting the present bus line 900.

At night buses depart from Határ út to Terminal 2 of the airport, and they return thee. BKK would add a stop to 200E at Pestszentlőrinc vasútállomás, thus extending Erzsébettelep’s commuting connections.

As we have reported on it, the overcrowded airport buses cause daily problems in Budapest. The 100E bus, operating along Deák tér, Kálvin tér, and Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2 has been facing problems of keeping up with the number of people choosing to use it since its launch in July 2017.

Sometimes so many people want to get on the bus that it can hardly leave the bus stop.

Although travellers have to buy an extra ticket for this, which is slightly more expensive than a single ticket, many people choose this mean of transportation to reach Ferihegy.

An explanation can be that the schedule of the flights is not steady throughout the day because there are some time intervals when more flights depart from and land in Budapest compared to other intervals.

More buses need to be put in operation on the route several times a day and the schedule needs to be changed, too.

BKK promised to change the bus schedules in accordance with the passengers’ demands. Their steps will hopefully improve the traffic situation in Budapest.

Featured Image: Wikicommons by Kemenymate

Source: index.hu

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