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One of the main themes of the 17th FINA World Championships is to make up for lost promises to the public -besides the spectacular sporting event! The water surface offered in the capital city is going to be larger following the building of the Dagály Aquatics Arena, while the Komjádi and the Hajós Alfred National Swimming pools will be renovated as well, among others.

The Császár- Komjádi pool, as one of the alma maters of Hungarian aquatics, is already showing developments because renovation of the pool deck had started on November 8. The outdoor pools welcome the public until May 1, 2017 before closing for the final touches for the Worlds.

Our Media Team has asked Nemzeti Sportközpontok (National Sportcentre) for some interesting i details on the renovation and reconstruction of this iconic temple of aquatics.

Besides renewing the pools and water supply, the air conditioning and ventilation system, the front and entrance of the complex and the roof will be renovated, as well. Changing rooms will be completely modernised, the venue will get new facilities such as three gyms, a medical room, and two saunas among others.

The modernisation of the other legendary venue, the Hajós- Széchy will fully start in January 2017, in order to be completely ready to welcome the world next July at the biggest sporting event Hungary has ever hosted.

The Komjádi Pool will be a training venue – so as the BVSC Pool, and the Tüske Complex – during the 17th FINA World Championships, while the Alfréd Hajós National Swimming Complex is going to give home to the water polo competitions. Part of the swimming and the water polo competitions will also take place at this venue during the Masters World Championships (7-20 August 2017).

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Source: fina-budapest2017.com

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