The Budapest Business School (BGE) is the first university in Hungary to have received international accreditation from the Network of International Business Schools (NIBS), an association of university-level schools of business.

NIBS grants its accreditation only to those schools that show top performance in expanding and enhancing the process of internationalisation, BGE said in a statement on Friday.

BGE rector Balázs Heindrich said the school applied to become an NIBS member at the end of 2016.

“As an applied university of science, BGE adjusts its training system to market demands, and gaining international experience plays a key role. Employers greatly appreciate professional experience and training acquired during university studies,” he added.

Among the more than 70 members of NIBS, only 25 have also acquired international accreditation, the statement said.

Featured image: Wiki Commons By ara501 – Indafotó

Source: MTI

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