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Budapest, Countryside Must Develop Side-By-Side, Says LMP Official

Budapest, Countryside Must Develop Side-By-Side, Says LMP Official

(MTI) – Hungary’s regions outside Budapest must be developed and the economy boosted, but not at the expense of the capital, a senior official of the green opposition LMP party said on Sunday.

Laszlo Lorant Keresztes told a press conference in Pecs, S Hungary, that decision-makers of the past years are at grave fault for allowing the economy of the provinces to lag behind. He said the capital and other major cities must be developed side-by-side in a mutually beneficial way so that the whole country can feel its rewards.

Keresztes said there were great gaps in community transport development even in the well-developed central Hungary region, which includes Budapest. He added that measures to help form transport alliances and increase the competitiveness of public transport are needed, as well as unifying the transport systems of the capital and its agglomeration area.




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