Déli Railwaí station Budapest
Budapest, 2018. október 4. Munkások dolgoznak a vágányoknál a Déli pályaudvar közelében 2018. október 4-én. Karbantartási munkálatok miatt ettõl a naptól két hétig, október 17-én éjfélig zárva lesz a pályaudvar. Az érintett vonatok jelentõs része Kelenföld vasútállomásról indul, illetve oda érkezik. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

Closing Déli railway station temporarily due to reconstructions causes chaos at nearby Kelenföld Railway station and the entire Western Hungarian railway system.

Budapest’s second busiest railway station – Déli is not operating until midnight 17th of October.

This has been organised very well again’ – said a railwayman ironically, according to Borsonline.hu. Déli railway station (being the terminus of many southern west train lines) and Kelenföld (being the penultimate train station on the line) are linked to each other directly on rails less than 4 km, yet there will be no train replacement buses during the reconstruction time between the two major stations.

So trains, whose original final destination is Budapest-Déli Railway Terminal will be terminated at Kelenföld railway station.

Possible choices to get from Kelenföld to Déli during this time:
Tram lines 17, 56, 61
Metro lines 4 and 2
Bus lines 114, 213 and 214

Many of those passengers, who wanted to get to Budapest-Déli Railway Terminal were profoundly disappointed after they learnt that the station was closed.

Security guards and BKK (Transportation System of Budapest Ltd.) staff attempted to inform all passengers about the railway traffic change in this hectic and busy situation, however, not every one of them could receive this bad news.

Not only travelers but also underground shop assistants will have a difficult time during the construction period. One of the shop workers said to Bors: ‘there will be a 6-days-blackout, which means no electricity, no cash machine, so we will not be able to work on those days’.

In the following days, subways are not expected to be late. Instead, a greater crowd of people is predicted at Kelenföld M4 metro station.

translated by Ádám Horváth

Photo: MTI

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