An exhibition named ’Future/Present: Budapest in the works of young designers’ is held in quite an unusual place: in the trains of metro lines 2, 3 and 4. This interesting project introduces newly graduated designers and their works, in which the open-eyed passanger may recognize the athmosphere of Budapest. 

Residents of the city are invited to ponder on the possibilities of Budapest’s future public transport with the help of Peter Vardai’s plan of a 24-meters-long, eco-friendly bus, or they can take a look at Zita Merenyi’s exciting textiles, inspired by the micro-environment of Budapest. Altogether 31 different diploma works are shown in the passenger compartments of the vehicles, all tightly connected to Budapest. The works are displayed on posters, alongside the artist’s portrait and introduction, and a concise description of the artwork. This way, city dwellers get to know the fresh faces of the design scene of Hungary.

The idea was brought to life by Pro Cultura Urbis Public Foundation and MOME University of Art and Design in Budapest. It opened in September and can be seen until the 15th of November. The project’s aim, formulated in the name of the exhibition, is to show the future and the present of urban life in Budapest, through the eyes of young designers.

The project serves its purpose in re-evaluating public places of Budapest: while transporting from one place to another, passangers may see their chosen means of transportation in a new way – in this case, as an exhibition area.

translated by Laura Kocsis
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Photo: Majtényi Mihály –


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