New stag do index ranks popular city destinations to reveal the BEST location for a stag do celebration.

The study looks at the cities with the cheapest beer and meal cost, most activities and bars to choose from, as well as the destinations with the LEAST chance of rain.

  • London and Prague TOP the index as best stag do destinations.
  • Budapest is the 3rd best stag party destination
  • Sofia, Cancun and Tenerife are the CHEAPEST for booze.

The worldwide stag do index ranks city destinations based on a variety of lifestyle factors, such as the best night outs, cost of food and alcohol as well as weather guarantee (because no one wants it to be raining during their last night of freedom).

According to the study, conducted by Grosvenor, the top 10 stag do destinations in the world are:

London – Great for a night out with over 1,000 bars to choose from. The UK capital has topped the list as the ultimate stag do destination with revellers expected to pay £5 per pint, £15 per meal and £5 per taxi fare on average.

Prague – With European charm and great weather, it’s no wonder Prague scores so highly on the global index (the cheap beer may also help!

Budapest – At an average of £1.32 for a pint, it’s maybe no surprise stags are flocking in their thousands to Budapest.

Madrid – Good for bars, clubs and cheap taxi fares. The city offers 613 bars and cab prices starting at just £2.26. Madrid is a great choice for sun-worshipping stags too.

Las Vegas – While this sin city may be further afield, the extravagant activities and guaranteed sunshine sees stags making the long trip to enjoy an unforgettable night out.

Barcelona – With a mixture of city and beach vibes, Barcelona scores highly on the stag index.

Moscow – The Russian Capital may have a high chance of rain, but this is offset by the price of a pint with stags expected to pay only £1.40 for a beer.

Krakow – Good for both cheap food and taxis, with the average cab fare just £1.39. Krakow is known as a cheap getaway and so is a popular choice for stag parties.

Sofia – Brilliant for cab fares with the average taxi costing just 35p.

Cancun – A tropical long-haul destination that’s great for beer and food prices, with the average meal costing just £3.98.

London, Prague and Budapest have beaten off competition such as Las Vegas, Ibiza and Krakow to be crowned the top 3 stag-do destinations.

With a score of 9.6, London tops the list! This may be unsurprising given that it hosts a staggering 1,014 bars and clubs. Stags will never be short of activities to do with 52 different brewery tours available for pending grooms to choose from.

Budapest is the 3rd best stag party destination in the world

Budapest has come third with a score of 6.6. If you’re Hungary for an exciting stag do, with really cheap beer then you’ve come to the right place. Budapest is brimming with unique bars, plenty of booze and heaps of beautiful architecture!

Top stag activities in Budapest

1. Beer bike

If your group are looking to see all the sights of the city, and consume plenty of beer then this is be best activity for you!

2. Széchenyi Thermal Baths

Get in on the action and relax at the world famous Szechenyi thermal baths

3. Beer Tour

Raise a few tasty beers! This is the best way to explore the Budapest beer scene by a local.

4. Go crazy on a night out in Budapest

While Budapest’s nightlife may be more famous for its ruin bars, it’s the many and varied nightclubs of the capital that will really leave an impression, you will definitely never have a boring night!

5. Bobsleigh experience

Enjoy the thrills and spills of the Budapest Bobsleigh, by riding up to 62km per hour down an 800m track!

Budapest came in third, with a score of 6.6. With high English proficiency and 221 bars, stags are made to feel more than welcome in this great city.

Best drinking destination

A stag-do is heavily associated with drinking, as pending grooms seek to enjoy their last night out as a single man.

The price of a pint may well be a factor that drives stags to certain destinations. The Index investigated the average cost of a pint per destination, with Sofia being revealed as the cheapest and Paris as being the most expensive.

The ten cheapest stag destinations for a pint of beer are:

1. Sofia – £1.09

2. Cancun – £1.20

3. Tenerife – £1.28

4. Budapest – £1.32

5. Prague – £1.33

6. Moscow – £1.40

7. Bratislava – £1.48

8. Krakow – £1.59

9. Cape town – £1.59

10. Lisbon – £1.71

The ten most expensive stag destinations for a pint of beer are:

1. Paris – £5.98

2. York – £5.32

3. London – £5.00

4. Dublin – £4.72

5. Rome – £4.27

6. Bristol – £4.20

7. Brighton – £4.12

8. Edinburgh – £4.00

9. Manchester – £4.00

10. Las Vegas – £3.80

For more information on the stag do index please visit Grosvenor!

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