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Photo: Pink Budapest

Gay tourism and travel have been on the rise for quite a while, thus countries aim to attract the members of the LGBTQ community with different tools. reports that Budapest’s first official campaign was recently launched by the Humen Travel Touristic Association, which came out with an upbeat video to kick off the popularisation.

The association launched its campaign called Budapest Loves You last week with the target of attracting the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community to the Hungarian capital.

Based on the announcement of the association, “touristic experts have realised all over the world that LGBTQ people need to be attracted with a separate marketing communication tools”. To join this trend, the Humen Travel Touristic Association was founded by ten Hungarian enterprises and initiated by the Humen Media Hungary.

They aim to popularise Budapest in the international LGBTQ community through unique city image campaigns.

“The Hungarian capital is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world, visited by more and more tourists every year. We aim to put Budapest on the LGBTQ map and offer services that satisfy the needs of the given community” said Zsolt Erdei, the founder of Humen Media Hungary.

The association plans to hold an LGBTQ press tour this summer with the participation of journalists from five European countries and the USA.

The members of the Humen Travel Touristic Association are AlterEgo Club, Budapest Tuk Tuk, Casati Budapest Hotel, Costes Restaurant, Lupa Beach, Hilda Restaurant, Mellow Mood Hotels, Memento Park, Rainbow Link, RiverRide, Szamos and Zsida Group.

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