Portfolio.hu reports that although there is still a lot of time until February, Valentine’s Day preparations start pretty soon. To assist couples, Post Office announced its Holiday Money Report 2018 that lists all those countries and cities that might be the perfect choice for couples who would like to spend their Valentine’s Day in the most romantic and economic holiday spots. To our great delight, Budapest, the Pearl of the Danube, is also included in the list. Here are the details!

The Holiday Money Report 2018 of Post Office is about finding the cheapest holiday destinations in the world that, besides their low budget, also provide the perfect holiday destination for couples who want some relaxation and recreation.

A Valentine’s Day getaway is no longer a dream, because as the compilation of Post Office also shows, these destinations are affordable to anyone.

However, the list, in which Hungary was chosen as the 10th best destination, should not be considered without reservation as only the price of the following products determined the rank of the participant cities and countries:

  • a 3-course lunch for two
  • a bottle of the house wine
  • a cup of coffee
  • a bottle of wine
  • a bottle of water
  • a can of beer
  • a can of Coca-Cola
  • suncream and insect repellent

Furthermore, the report emphasises that the price of the products mentioned above in the participant countries is 40% lower than it was a year ago.

Although it might seem good news, the report did not take into consideration the costs of accommodation and travelling which make up the largest part of the holiday budget.

Anyway, the top 12 destinations were selected from 42 countries, and 8 of the best 10 low-cost hotspots became European destinations, reports Postoffice.co.uk. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria tops the chart with no significant rival, and between the winner and the 12th best target, the almost £30 difference is palpable.

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Here is the list of the top 12 cheapest holiday destinations. Check them out!

  1. Bulgaria (Sunny Beach) £37.92
  2. Japan (Tokyo) £43.14
  3. Portugal (Algarve) £44.25
  4. Czech Republic (Prague) £53.40
  5. South Africa (Cape Town) £54.95
  6. Spain (Costa del Sol) £55.20
  7. Turkey (Marmaris) £55.65
  8. Cyprus (Paphos) £57.72
  9. Croatia (Porec) £61.54
  10. Hungary (Budapest) £65.39
  11. Vietnam (Hoi An) £65.85
  12. Indonesia (Bali) £66.61

You can also check out in the following chart how the prices differ in other countries compared to Hungary!

The prices of the goods in the top destinations/www.postoffice.co.uk/

Source: portfolio.hu;postoffice.co.uk

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