Budapest Szuvenir poster shop opens at Madách tér with works of local illustrators, says If you want to buy an original present for a Budapest lover or simply a nice print or postcard that reminds you of the city, visit Konyha Restaurant , you will find the shop on the storey.

The shop offers artworks from locals and from foreigner artists as well. Though the offered artworks will be changed from time to time, the theme of the souvenirs will be Budapest. Budapest Szuvenír is a good spot for tourists, Budapest fans and city dwellers as well, as the products are original and offered at a reasonable price.


The ’Highlights in New Lights’ illustration line was designed for the occasion of the store opening. This series of illustrations shows Budapest through the eyes of residents of the city: Ricsi Orosz brought the lion statues of the Chain Bridge to life, the creatures of Attila Stark pose on Heroes’ Square, András b. Baranyai pictured the Parliament of the 21st century and Lehel Kovács’ illustration of the St Stephen Basilica celebrates love. The items of the poster shop function as a regular gallery on the 2nd floor of Konyha.


You can order original copies of the illustrations from the waiters of Konyha Restaurant. The prints come in a wrapping, authenticated with a stamp.

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