A dynamic electronic scooter network in Budapest without stations was designed by eight young people, which would provide cost-effective mobility for its users. This project named BuGO is one of the awarded ideas of MVM Edison Light Up!, the first Hungarian startup competition.

As it is reported by, the scooters of BuGO will be able to transport anyone from any starting point to any destination without any pollutant emissions, or difficulties with transferring and parking. The easy access and the starting without keys is provided by a mobile application.

The security-ensuring helmet and the hygiene-ensuring disposable hair protection cap are parts of the service.

The scooters of BuGO will appear in greater and greater numbers according to the plans, so the everyday urban transport might turn into an exciting adventure from the unpleasant burden. Watch the video!

Watch the video (Hungarian)!

This article was supported by the MVM Edison program.

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