széllkapu new park
Photo: MTI/Demecs Zsolt

Buda’s newest park, Széllkapu, opened on Thursday. The park features panoramic elevators, which take people up to hanging gardens.

The new park is located in Budapest’s District 2, over 17,000 square metres. It has 355 live trees and a 700 sqm lake, which has plenty of water plants in it. The trees and shrubs are endemic and tolerate the urban climate, as well as the ecological conditions, very well, reported 24.

There are 150 ornamental cherry trees, saplings, oaks, pines, apples, birches, and hornbeams. 50,000 perennials, ornamental grass, large shrubs, and more than 40,000 bulbous plants can be found in the park.

The pathways converge into three mushroom-shaped structures with solar panels on top, creating a spacious meeting place. There is an underground garage with two storeys, which can accommodate 500 cars, restoring the number of parking spaces in the area before the investment.

The designers built a large hanging garden facing the Mammut shopping mall, which people can go up to with a panoramic lift, and it offers a view of Margit Boulevard and the Buda Castle and hills.

budapest széllkapu park
Photo: MTI/Lajos Soós
budapest széllkapu park
Photo: MTI/Lajos Soós

In 2013, the government decided to revitalise the neglected 2.5-acre site next to Millenáris Park and complete the Millenáris project. In 2014, the demolition began, then in the summer of 2017, the construction began, with the first phase completed in September 2019.

széllkapu new park
Photo: MTI/Soós Lajos
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