Hungarian students have been doing well recently regarding applying for the best British universities. During the past 3 years, 137 Hungarian applicants were admitted to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, as HVG reported.

Milestone Institution concluded a survey among the countries of the Central European region — including Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary — on the admissions to Oxford and Cambridge. It was revealed that Hungarians ranked the highest in this group in the past three years.

Between 2015 and 2017, 26 percent of the Hungarian applicants gained acceptance to the most prestigious British universities — this means 137 students.

This is a better result than all the Austrian, the Czech and the Slovakian numbers of applicants together.

If we calculate the rate of successful applications to Oxford or Cambridge compared to the population, we see that Hungary has the highest success per person rate. Every one million Hungarian has 14.09 successful applications; this rate is 11.89 in Romania, followed by Poland with 7.12, Austria with 5.15 and the Czech Republic with 5.08.

The applicants sent by Milestone Institution — which has its headquarters in Budapest — were successfully accepted to Oxford or Cambridge at a 38 percent rate in the past three years. High school applicants produced an even better result: 48 percent of the successfully applied high school students were participating in Milestone’s education program.

In this year, 33 students from the Milestone Institution had the opportunity to start their studies in one of the two top-ranking British universities since the fall of 2018, further improving the rate of both the institution and Hungary compared to the other countries of the region.

Source: HVG

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