busójárás festival Mohács Hungary

The “Busójárás” is an ancient tradition in the southern Hungarian city of Mohács.

The Sokače, a Slavic folk, wore scary blood tinted masks made of sheepskin, huge furs, cowbells on their belts and with clappers in their hands they chase away winter every year with the power of fire symbolizing the sun. Women with their faces covered and men dressed in wedding attire accompany the loud Busó’s on their journey. It is said a long time ago they went from house to house and told their blessings and carried out spells. In return they were feasted by the owners. The Busójárás was listed on UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.

The next Busójárás is between 23 and 28 of February, 2017.

VIDEOS with English subtitles:

Busó boys and Šokac girls

– ‘It is completely different to stand in front of a crowd, if you are dressed up as a busó boy or sokac girl, while they are looking at you as a local spectacle.’

Photo: Daily News Hungary

Source: MTI

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