Budapest, 2016. augusztus 4. Felszolgálják Magyarország cukormentes tortáját, az Áfonya hercegnõ tortáját (b) és az ország tortáját, az Õrség Zöld Aranyát az Országház Vadásztermének erkélyén 2016. augusztus 4-én. Elõzõleg Vargha Tamás, a Honvédelmi Minisztérium parlamenti államtitkára sajtótájékoztatót tartott az augusztus 20-ai ünnepségekrõl, programokról. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

Every year, on the day when Saint Stephen founded the Hungarian State, 20th of August, the ‘Cake of Hungary’ is introduced to the public in Budapest and all around the confectioneries in the country. It was the 10th year that the Hungarian Confectioner Craftsmen Corporation invited entries for the best cake. Now the jury has chosen the one, which was presented in the Parliament last Thursday.

Ádám Pataki, the member of the Hungarian Confectioner Craftsmen Corporation’s presidency said that a record number of applicants entered this year’s competition and the winner cake not only represents Hungary in its colours, but its consistency is also innovative, as it features pumpkin-seed three times.

As always, they were looking for innovative, creative ideas, natural ingredients and recipes reflecting Hungarian flavours. writes that the professional jury chose the ‘Cake of Hungary’ out of 43 entrants. The winner cake is the creation of Gellért Szó, confectioner from Salgótarján, and it is called ‘The Green Gold of the Őrség’. The confectioner secured his title, because he was the creator of last year’s ‘Cake of Hungary’ as well.

The Green Gold of the Őrség – Gellért Szó, G&D Craftsmen Confectionery, Salgótarján , Gregory Iron Photography © (Gergely Vas)

A white chocolate loose ganache is put on a pumpkin-seed batter. A praline is made out of roasted, ground pumpkin-seed, sugar and cool extruded pumpkin-seed oil of the Őrség, to which white chocolate, peeled waffle and pumpkin-seed oil are added in order to form a crispy layer.

This crispy layer is placed on top of the loose ganache, which is followed by another white chocolate ganache layer. Then come a raspberry jelly layer and another ganache layer.

The layers are glazed with a white chocolate, pumpkin-seed oil frosting, and decorated with circles made of ganache and tempered, painted cacao-butter white chocolate.

[box] What inspired the cake?
“I haven’t really found pumpkin-seed cakes in Hungary, although I think that it is a very versatile ingredient and gives a unique flavour to desserts. Moreover, it is very healthy and gives a plus to the colour scheme, thus resulting in a unique appearance as well. The pumpkin-seed oil and the white chocolate form a very pleasant, harmonic flavour combo, which I’ve also tasted in Italy. The pumpkin-seed oil used for the cake is produced by a lovely family in the Őrség, where this oil is girdled with traditions” said Gellért Szó.[/box]

The ‘Sugar-free Cake of Hungary’

The Egy Csepp Figyelem Charity and the Hungarian Confectioner Craftsmen Corporation have been inviting applications for the ‘Sugar-free Cake of Hungary’ title since 2012. The aim of the competition is not only the introduction of sugar-free recipes and technologies, but it also wants to attract attention to the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

országtorta cukormentes 2016

The winner of this year’s competition is the ‘Blueberry Princess’ cake made by the Tortavár Confectionary in Budapest. Confectioner Zsolt Pechtol’s dessert doesn’t have any added sugar, synthetic additives or preservatives.

László Nádori, the president of the ‘Sugar-free Cake of Hungary’ jury said that the carbohydrate and calorie content of the entered cakes have been continuously decreasing since 2012. One slice of the winner cake contains only 228 calories and 8,8 grams of carbohydrates. The appearance of the cake is “princely”, its flavours are dominated by blueberry, blackberry and red-currant, which are in perfect harmony with the yogurt and sweet almonds.

Photos:, TortavárCukrászda, MTI

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