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The Hungarian government has plans to launch a camp for 16 to 18-year-olds where they would teach them healthy, Christian, national values and deepen their vision for the future. The program will allegedly be named Vándordiák 10 000 – Travelling Student 10,000.

The Hungarian Research Institute (MKI) and Szilárd Demeter would be responsible for the program. A document, which is a draft for the program at the moment, states that MKI would organise camps for 16 to 18-year-olds where the teenagers could make Christian national values their own, deepen their own identities as well as their cultural commitments, according to Magyar Hang. The program would run from this year until 2022 and would cost almost €4.5 million each year, that is a total of €13,324,405. Szilárd Demeter, the director of the Petőfi Literary Museum, is supposedly part of the project. The number in the name of the program suggests the number of students they wish to include in the camp. That would mean that the government is to spend €1,332.5 on forming each student’s viewpoints.

The main goals of Travelling Student 10,000 include:

  • “To strengthen the national identity, cultural commitment, healthy national vision of the future of the youth living in their first language’s culture.
  • To strengthen the national identity: Hungarian patriotism, to strengthen patriotism through programs with national contents – Hungarian achievement, history, preserving traditions, culture, introduction of identity). To deepen Christian, national values and awareness.
  • To reach the youth’s souls. To develop/secure the identity/interests obtained at the camp.”
A professional leadership meeting of the Ministry of Human Resources had a negotiation about the program on Tuesday. Propaganda minister Antal Rogán’s trustee usually attends these meetings as well. If the government decides to run the program, there will be a decree announced in the Hungarian Bulletin (Magyar Közlöny).

The original name of the program was Boomerang 10,000, and the Ministry of Human Resources had already had a session about it, but Antal Rogán dismissed it as they felt it too awkward.

Magyar Hang reached Szilárd Demeter on the phone, and he did not deny the program being on the agenda. He cannot reveal any details due to a non-disclosure agreement, but the program is in the decision-preparation phase.

From a source close to the government, Magyar Hang also found out that there is a huge debate and a lot of thinking about how to reach and make around half a million young people who will turn 18 in 2022 into “Fidesz-voters”. Surveys suggest that teenagers nowadays do not care about politics and political parties.


  1. This is a noble program by the Government. It brings to light the need bring back those standards that were destroyed during the 45 years of Communist rule. We only have to look at examples in history; for instance, the fact that Hungary had more Nobel Prize winners per capita than any country in the world! These winners were all brought up prior to the Communist era.

    There are essentially no Nobel Prize winners whose origins are from the Communist era.

    This noble government project is missing its real roots: The education of our children at their most formative ages starting at kindergarten.
    Solution: Use at least half the money for education for these young age. Example of an effective solution is to bring Hungarians from other countries that have been raised in foreign countries back to Hungary AND PAY THEM THEIR FOREIGN COUNTRY WAGES! In fifteen years you will have a real HUNGARIAN generation of potential Nobel Prize winners!
    See a listed best European editorial: Elation turns to sorrow— Nov.6,2013 Budapest Times. Steve Tarnay

  2. This is wonderful if it goes ahead. I only wish we had such decent, moral leaders in the UK, our young need this help to prevent them going further in a downward spiral.

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