Hungarian traditional food

There are a lot of traditional Hungarian dishes and a lot more which are well-known even abroad, but they are prepared in a different way in Hungary, so they have a specific flavour. Buzzfeed collected them in the article below, from which we selected 10+1, but we strongly recommend everybody to taste all of them since they are all delicious.

1. Kifli (crescent bread)

kifli, savoury pastry
Crescent rolls
Photo: – Lajos Pláner

Kifli is a crescent-shaped bread which can be found in almost every Hungarian household, like croissants in France. Eaten with butter, jam, or sliced in half and topped with cheese, meat, vegetables, relish, etc., they are very common for breakfast or dinner, says.

2. Pogácsa (biscuits)

Pogácsa is a small biscuit, dense and doughy in the centre and often topped with cheese, greaves, or even meat. They are among the first things one serves at a party because they can be prepared easily and quickly.

3. Körözött (cheese spread)

spread, paprika, körözött

Körözött is a spread made of túró (cottage cheese), spices (often paprika), and vegetables. If well prepared, you will fall in love with it the moment you first taste it.

4. Bejgli (spiral strudel)

bejgli Hungary

Bejgli is a spiral-shaped log roll containing different fillings like sweet walnut, poppyseed filling, chestnut, etc. Traditionally served at Christmas, bejgli is the perfect treat to cosy up and share with friends and family.

5. Madártej (floating island)

madártej, floating island, dessert

Made of milk and vanilla, it is the perfect dessert for everybody who likes sweets. Buzzfeed says that the texture of meringue combined with sweet, creamy custard is, to put it lightly, da bomb.

6. Flódni (layered pastry)

Flódni Hungary food dessert

Flódni is a Hungarian-Jewish pastry, traditionally made with four different fillings: walnut, apple, poppyseed, and jam.

7. Rántott Sajt (fried cheese)

fried cheese, recipe, food

It is simply good and served mostly with french fries or rice.

8. Túrógombóc (sweet cheese dumplings)

cottage cheese dumpling, gastronomy

Túrógombóc is orbs of sweetened túró (cottage cheese) boiled, rolled in toasted bread crumbs, and generally served with vanilla sauce or sour cream and sugar. It is incredibly filling, so you can eat it for lunch or dinner as well.

9. Túró Rudi (sweet cheese-filled chocolate bar)

túró rudi

Something for which Hungarians living or working abroad would surely return home. The traditional túró rudi is a chocolate bar filled with sweetened túró (cottage cheese), but today, it is flavoured with different fruits as well. The name of the most popular brand of túró rudi in Hungary, Pöttyös, translates to “dotty” and is wrapped in adorable polka-dot paper (see the photo above).

10. Rakott Krumpli (layered potatoes)

rakott krumpli Hungary food

It is a baked casserole-type dish made of layers of sliced potatoes, eggs, sausage, sour cream, and cheese. Rakott krumpli is very filling but so delicious that you can easily find yourself full while eating it.

+1. Somlói Galuska (Somloi trifle)

This dessert is made of three different types of sponge cake (plain, walnut, and chocolate), raisins, and walnuts, drizzled with dark chocolate rum sauce and topped with whipped cream.

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  2. With the emphasis over the years on French and Italian food, the world has been deprived of the appreciation of Eastern European cuisine Hungarian to be sure but also Czech, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, South Slavic, etc.

  3. Most of this stuff is popular in other countries. Not specific to Hungarian cuisine. Often done better in those other countries. Like number 2 for instance, it is a poor variation on English Scones.

  4. As a child born in Canada of Hungarian parents and having had many trips to Hungary over time (about
    20 times), I can really appreciate that list of foods !!!!!!

  5. No other country makes pogácsa with yeast. In our area we enjoy mákos pogácsa or poppyseed

  6. Paulus,
    I have had both English scones and Hungarian pogácsa. Sorry to break it to you but Hungarian pogácsa wins hands down, no contest! You would know what I mean if you ever tried it.

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