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There are some patients who have been given five appointments but have still not been examined. The hospital announced its machine being broken weeks later to the public health centre.

Cancer patients have to wait weeks for examinations at the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital in Budapest because the CT scan is broken, but it was only announced later to the public health centre, reported based on RTL Híradó.

An avid watcher of the news wrote to them that an acquaintance of theirs had been at the institution’s neurological department for three weeks because of a stroke. They could not do the CT scan which was scheduled for last Wednesday because the machine did not work.

Employees of RTL Híradó then went to the hospital with hidden cameras. First, they said at the diagnostic centre that there are no disruptions but later admitted to the CT machine being broken, which prevented them from examining cancer patients.

“There are cancer patients here, who have been waiting for an examination for a week and a half, even with appointments. We have to provide places for them, but the CT is not working,” said one of the assistants.

One of the patients in the waiting room said that he had got five appointments so far, but the examination has still not happened.

Cancer patients are crammed into a narrow hallway for hours, read more HERE.

There are 42 CT machines in Budapest. 36 of them are there to do state-financed examinations.

Patients of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital, however, have not been redirected to any other facilities, and the hospital did not even report the malfunction of the machine for a long while.

Authorities stated to RTL Híradó that the hospital reported the malfunction on August 1st, and the transferring of patients was immediately started.

According to RTL Híradó’s information, the machine has now been fixed.










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