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Castle of Diósgyőr being reconstructed

Castle of Diósgyőr being reconstructed

After some discussions about the further plans in Miskolc, the second and third phase of the Castle of Diósgyőr’s renewal received the final permission, according to

These two phases consist of the rebuilding of the southwestern tower and the west wing of the palace. The palace wings and the towers will also receive high roofs on their top. The reconstruction will also affect the outer castle, as significant improvements will be initiated there. Moreover, the ditches will also be restored and the bridges will be rebuilt. Besides these, the walls around the ditches will be renewed. And last but not least, the surrounding area is also needed to be improved in order to make the Castle of Diósgyőr a true tourist destination. This includes the arranging of the roads nearby and the proper control of the traffic.


The castle has a great importance because it is one of the greatest castles in Hungary that were built as part of Béla IV’s efforts to fortify the country against future invasions. The Mongol raids in 1241-1242 taught the monarch that stone castles are much more durable against the plundering hordes than hillforts, and he wanted to make sure that such an assault on Hungary will never happen again. As Diósgyőr lied on the eastern part of the country – the direction where the raiders came from –, he paid extra attention to secure these parts of the country. The result was a castle that stood against even an enemy much stronger than the Mongol plunderers: the Ottomans. The Sultan’s army that laid siege to the castle in 1650 was driven back, despite the fact that the fortress was not in the best shape by that time.

The aim of the rebuilding project is to restore the castle to its past form from Louis the Great’s time. Thus the monument could become the memorial of one of the most important periods in Hungarian history, and the castle and its surroundings may become an attractive Central European destination for tourists.

The municipal will publish the details of the reconstruction process soon.

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