The most successful teams in Champions League history

The UEFA Champions League, Europe’s premier club football competition, has witnessed some of the most thrilling moments in the beautiful game. 

Euro 2024: the Hungarian national football team arrived in Germany to a huge crowd – PHOTOS

Hungarian national football team has left for Germany to take part in the European Championship #Euro2024 - PHOTOS

Recapping Hungary’s Exhibition Football Showdown with Ireland

A slow but steady game followed, ending in a late goal that tipped the scales in Ireland’s favor.

Football vs. Horse Racing – Which Betting Type is Better?

Nearly every sport in the world has a betting community, even the sports that you wouldn’t think would get a lot of attention like female handball, still get a big group of people betting on them.

Russia seeks to play friendly football match in Budapest amidst isolation

According to information, the Russian Football Union contacted the Hungarian Football Association to book a preparation match for the Russian national team. #Russia #football #sanctions #sport

For the first time ever, Australian Rules Football is coming to Budapest!

Find them in Kincsem Park between 10 am and 3 pm tomorrow, on 8th June 2024! #football #sports #Budapest

La Estancia: we visited a professional polo club in Hungary

The Zimmermann family is all driven by the love of polo, and there's no question about it—it's felt in every square meter of La Estancia

Budapest poised to host major world sporting event in 2026

Groundbreaking new global championship event: a $10 million sports event in the Hungarian capital

Hungary men’s football coach Marco Rossi names 26-Man Squad for Euro 2024

With international football stars like Szoboszlai and Sallai in the team, there’s a good chance that Hungary can pull an upset.

10 Essential Tips for Enhancing Elderly Mobility and Strength

Enhancing mobility and strength in the elderly is crucial for maintaining independence and overall well-being.

Four Willie Mullins-trained horses to watch next season

One of the most exciting horses currently in his ranks, Ballyburn blew away horse racing pundits and enthusiasts alike with some stunning performances throughout the campaign. 

VIDEO: the first phase of the renovation of the Hungaroring Formula 1 circuit is complete

As we look forward to the next Hungarian Grand Prix, the Hungaroring organisers are preparing for the race weekend with a number of new features:

Wizz Air flies Hungarian Olympians to Paris 2024 with a new paint, you can meet your favourites – Photos, video

You too can fly in this gold-plated Wizz Air plane. We'll show you the details of how along with photos and a video.

The Complete Pre-Workout Guide: Making the Right Choice

Pre-workout supplements can be a game-changer in achieving your fitness goals by boosting energy, enhancing focus, and improving workout performance.

Sensible spending or madness? Evaluation of football clubs according to cost-effectiveness

ESPN has ranked football clubs in the top five European leagues according to how efficiently they spend per point scored. From humble teams with minimal budgets to giants like PSG with crazy spending.

Athletes to occupy runway at Budapest Airport!

Will you take part on the charity run? #budapest #budapestairport #sport #runway

VIDEO, PHOTOS: boxing legend Holyfield shadowboxes in Hungarian Parliament, meets with Orbán

Holyfield spent a few days in the Hungarian capital and promises to return to Budapest - VIDEO, PICTURES

Will Putin come to Hungary? Budapest to host 2025 World Judo Championships!

Budapest to host another international event - will Putin come again? #judo #budapest #2025championships #putin

International conference at ESSCA in Budapest about the “greenest” Olympic Games

Paris Olympic Games - are you already excited? #paris #olympicgames #33 #conference #budapest #essca

Four why reasons Spain could win Euro 2024

As Euro 2024 approaches, debates are starting to occur amongst football fans and pundits alike over who they think could win the sought-after title in Germany.