The Hungaricum Committee will celebrate and publish the treasures that have been added to the list of Hungaricums so far at a large-scale gala evening on 3 December. At the event, the owners and maintainers of Hungaricums will receive certificates embossed with the Hungaricum trademark.

At the suggestion of President of the Hungaricum Committee and Minister for Rural Development Sándor Fazekas, the gala evening organised to express our appreciation of our national treasures, will be held at the Budapest Operetta Theatre, where the exclusive event will be furthered by presentations from well-known entertainers. According to the organisers of the Hungaricum Gala, the evening will increase public awareness of our mutual treasures and the need to preserve and protect them, and will enable their promotion to a wider audience.

Hungaricums are the greatest achievements of the Hungarian people; treasures of such value that they are part of our identity, of which we may be proud and which strengthen Hungarian cultural diversity. The task of the Hungaricum Committee, set up in accordance with Act XXX of 2012, is not simply to manage and refresh the list of Hungaricums, but also to provide protection for these treasures.

The Hungarian Value Repository and the Hungaricum Collection have been established over the past year and the documenting and registration of our national treasures has already begun. Although work began only recently, several outstanding national treasures have already been included in the Hungaricum Collection. From now on, these can officially bear the prestigious title of Hungaricum, promoting our values throughout the world.

Press Office of the Ministry of Rural Development



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