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The renovation permits and the implementation plans for the renovation of the Buda Castle Tunnel and the Chain Bridge are ready, reported. The Chain Bridge was renovated in 1988 for the last time, and the Buda Castle Tunnel also needs some refreshment.

As for the Chain Bridge, the renovation of the pavement and the road surface are the most urgent, but the change of lining and the expansion joint are inevitable, too. The Mayor of Budapest told that approximately 18 billion forints would be spent on the renovations.

Based on the photos of, one of the Hungarian national symbols placed on the bridge is rusting, the edges are peeling off the concrete. Unfortunately, not only the national symbol is rusting, but the steel sheets, covering the bridge, as well, to such an extent, that there are even holes its surface. The rivets have are becoming loose. The stone covering is coming off and falling into the Danube. Due to heavy traffic going through the bridge every day, at some spots, the road surface became holed, too. It is regrettable that tourists have to walk over the Danube on a bridge that is full of graffities.

Buda Castle Tunnel

As for the Tunnel on the Buda side, added that no renovation had been taken place since 1973. The lining has been damaged during the years so much that it lets the ground water in, thus damaging the structure elements. Thus, the pieces peeling off the mosaic cover and endanger drivers.

Yet, no date has been fixed for the renovation works. The static testing ordered by the authorities have been already carried out by an independent expert group, and the implementation plans are expected to be approved this year.

After the approval of the plans, the procurement procedures will be issued as early as in the second half of 2017.

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