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Now that summer is here, it is time to look for drink options that cool you down and are preferably cheap as well. reveals that the Hungarian capital, Budapest offers the cheapest beer in Europe, just like according to last year’s data, making it an even more attractive holiday destination.

The cheapest and priciest cities were compared, but Hungary appeared in a very favourable position on the list. Apparently, Hungary offers the cheapest pint in Europe.

In Budapest, a pint only costs 1.40 pounds (1.60 EUR).

Compared to this, you pay 8.56 pounds (9.75 EUR) for beer in Reykjavik, the most expensive place to get a beer, which is a stark 7-pound difference.


Bucharest occupies second place on the list, with beer costing 1.50 pounds (1.70 EUR). Prague is the third with 1.55 pounds for a pint (1.76 EUR) while Sofia offers the fifth best price for beer, with 2.54 pounds (2.90 EUR).

In contrast, the most expensive beers are offered by cities like the above mentioned Reykjavik, followed by Bergen (8.15 GBP – 9.28 EUR), Copenhagen (7.05 GBP – 8.03 EUR), Paris (7 GBP – 7.97 EUR) and Brussels (7 GBP – 7.97 EUR) respectively.

Apart from cheap beers, Hungary has much more to offer.

Visiting at least one of the numerous thermal baths is a great idea for the summer. And, after a relaxing day at the spa, the famous ruin bars offer an unforgettable night out.

budapest-shoes jewish-danube
World War II Memorial, Budapest

There are activities for fans of history, too, with many hidden gems. Apart from the more well-known sights like the Parliament building or the Buda Castle, the House of Terror and the World War II memorial shoes on the bank of the Danube are definitely worth visiting.

Budapest also has several cat cafes, so animal lovers can enjoy eating out, too.

If you want to know more about beer and Hungary, check out this article about the national beer of Hungary.


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