reports that based on the votes of consumers, this year, it is the raspberry wheat beer that is chosen as the “National Beer of Hungary”. While the winner raspberry wheat beer is the product of the Saint András Brewery operating in Békésszentandrás, the audience prize was given to a small brewery operating in Budapest. Here are the details of the competition.

The Beer selection speciality shop along with the organised their annual beer competition to find the best beer product produced in small Hungarian breweries and give the “National Beer of Hungary” title to it. This year, hundreds of people voted for the best products of 8 small breweries, therefore the final decision was not easy at all.

The winner is a good choice for any meal/facebook/Békésszentandrási Szent András Sörfőzde/

In the 1st round, the organisers visited the best small breweries of the country among whom 26 signed up for the competition. Then, they asked the 26 participant breweries to name maximum 3 types of beer and the brewery producing them who they think deserve the “National Beer” title.

This way, the best 8 breweries were selected by the participants themselves from those in the competition, and it was only after that that the consumers could also vote.

In 2017, it is the Saint András Brewery that is awarded the “National Beer” title and deserved this great honour because of its special raspberry wheat beer. The extremely fruity flavour of the beer is thanks to the real raspberries, as the fruit content of the beer is 30%. In addition to this, malt, hallertau perle and hops are also responsible for the spicy flavour of this speciality.

Some specialities of the brewery together with the winning product/facebook/Békésszentandrási Szent András Sörfőzde/

Besides voting for the National Beer, consumers could also vote for any of the participants to become the winner of the audience prize, too.

This year, the Mad Scientist brewery in Budapest, operating in Maglódi Street, became the winner of this prize.

This title was not the only one that the small Budapest brewery received this year, as it was also honoured with the “Best Brewery of the Year” title in March.

Congratulations to the winners! 🙂

Featured image: facebook/Békésszentandrási Szent András Sörfőzde


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