Handcrafted beers are more and more popular among Hungarian people too. Are you a fan of handcrafted beer as well? Do you want to enjoy it with some company in a nice atmosphere? We give you a few suggestions about places you should visit if you could use a glass of handcrafted beer. Warning, this is a subjective collection!


This place is really wallet-friendly. It is usually packed with people, especially university students visit this place very often. They have some specialities, some sweeter beers for those who do not like the “beer-taste” so much, for example, the plum and the cognac and cherry flavoured beers, but they always have wheat beer and ginger ale. Or if you want something stronger, you can try the dark beer, which contains 6.5% alcohol. Rizmajer also serves delicious hamburgers and sandwiches, so no need to worry about being hungry while enjoying your beer.


Address:  1088 Budapest, József körút 14.


Léhűtő can be found in the centre of Budapest. They have an ever-changing selection of beers of Hungarian origin, and from around the world. They have at least 5 kinds of draught beer, not just bottled ones. It is not only a place for drinking beer, but a tapas bar as well.


Address: 1075 Budapest, Holló utca 12-14. (Gozsdu udvar)

Sör Sajt

The Hungarian name meaning Beer Cheese speaks for itself: besides enjoying a glass of delicious beer, you can also taste a range of different kinds of cheese. The owners wanted to break with the tradition of having cheese with wine only, and paired it up with beer. You can also enjoy some malt, as a snack with your beer.

Address: 1085 Budapest, József körút 35.


A small place on three floors which offers a great selection of local and guest beers from outside of Hungary as well. The beer taps are constantly changing, every week you can try different types of beers, including rare ones.


Address: 1072 Budapest, Akácfa utca 38.

Ogre bácsi

This pub is named after its owner, Ogre bácsi which means ‘Uncle Ogre’ in English. The pubs main speciality is local Hungarian craft beer from Szent András Brewery, but you can always find a few guest beers. It is a very welcoming place with helpful staff, Uncle Ogre is a real beer expert and happily answers any beer related question and gives suggestions. If you are in lack of time, you can also buy bottled beers for takeaway.


Address: 1067 Budapest, Hunyadi tér 11.


Élesztő was opened in the spring of 2013, as the first, and still only handcraft beer pub of bigger size. It has 21 kinds of draft beers. They represent the best selection of Hungarian and foreign craft beers, but they always have a range of wallet-friendly beers too. The goal of the pub was to become a real cultural party district, an underground ’mall’.

Address: 1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó u. 22.

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