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Chief prosecutor marks Prosecutor’s Day in Hungary

Chief prosecutor marks Prosecutor’s Day in Hungary

Security in Hungary must be preserved and increased, Hungary’s chief public prosecutor Péter Polt said at an event marking Prosecutors’ Day in Budapest on Friday.

New forms of organised crime, new types of crimes and the use of new tools and methods by criminals demand a new kind of creativity from prosecutors, Polt said at the event.

The chief prosecutor drew a parallel between the spirit of Hungary’s first prosecutor’s law and the provisions of its constitution. Without the fulfilment of the obligations laid out in its basic law, Hungary could not have an effective and lawful justice system, he said.

Polt spoke about the new challenges facing prosecutors, naming the migration crisis and the spread of cyber crime among them. He noted that Hungary registered 351 human smugglers last year, around half the amount that had been registered in 2015.


Speaking about Hungary’s security interests, he underlined the importance of the fight against terrorism. The Prosecutor’s Office also places heavy emphasis on tackling crimes related to terrorism, such as its financing. As part of its efforts to combat money laundering, the office works to track down and seize such funds, he said.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI


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