The famous English musician returns to Budapest to give a concert on 6th November in the László Papp Budapest Sports Arena. Chris Rea will be touring his forthcoming studio album Road Songs for Lovers, writes.  

The tour begins on 7th October in Amsterdam, and the musician arrives in Hungary on the 6th of November. The 66-year-old Chris Rea has released twenty-six albums, which have sold in over 30 million copies.

Chris Rea was born in Middlesbrough, UK, in 1951, to Italian and Irish parents. In 1973, he joined the band Magdalene as David Coverdale’s replacement, and soon after founded the famous Whitesnake.

His first solo album, Whatever Happened to Benny Santini came out in 1978, and he rose to world fame with the 1989 The Road to Hell album, which contains the legendary title song The Road to Hell. In February 2012, he gave a concert in Budapest with his previous album Santo Spirito Blues.

Photo: Barabasz

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