Graduating from college is impossible without at least modest writing skills. Mastering the essay format may take a long time, especially if the student needs to work to pay for education. Lack of time is one of the most common reasons why you may fail in essay writing. Naturally, procrastination can play a role, too.

Today, students are especially distracted by social media. Their activity on Facebook and other platforms may even seal the fate of your admission into Harvard. The scandal covered by NPR is another confirmation of our addiction to instant gratification from likes and comments. Essay writing, however, demands full concentration.

Not surprisingly, college essays are rarely flawless. The number of errors will decrease over the years. However, if you have just started your course, you are likely to commit these typical mistakes. Sometimes, it is not necessary to ask someone for you to help with assignment if you follow some recommendations. 

  1. Plagiarism

This is the cardinal sin of inexperienced or sloppy writers. Do not expect your professors to take it lightly. The very purpose of any essay task is to help you develop your own writing skills, and master the rules of academic English.

Before submitting your work, check it via one of the anti-plagiarism tools approved by your institution.

If you have copied from any source existent on the internet, this will be detected and punished, if submitted. You will have to start from scratch, this time making a genuine effort. For best tips on improving uniqueness, check the RapidEssay website.

  1. Over-reliance on Spell check tools

Take time to proofread your work carefully. Digital tools embedded into Microsoft Word, for instance, do not guarantee the absence of language mistakes. Artificial intelligence will surely spot incorrect spelling, but the logical linking between the words can only be properly assessed by a human being.

  1. Answering the wrong question

It is vital to understand the subject and the purpose of the work.

You may craft an essay meeting all formal requirements, except for the crucial one.

Before you start drafting the work, read the essay question several times. Getting a good grade without addressing the exact subject assigned is impossible.

  1. Wrong vocabulary

A college essay should not be written in plain everyday language. On the other hand, do not make the mistake of using too many complex words that you cannot use properly. Mastering academic vocabulary takes time, so develop it gradually. Make sure your writing makes the impression of authenticity.

  1. Getting too personal

Sometimes, a task may require you to reflect on your personal experience. However, sharing facts or memories that are just too private is a bad idea. This is a question of boundaries, of understanding what is acceptable in formal writing and what is not.

Education experts are concerned about students who write about their sex life, although simply stating a sexual orientation will not cause any trouble. Any overly graphic descriptions, whether gory or overly sensual, are best avoided.

The same logic applies to disabilities and diseases.

Feel free to analyze effects and deeper meaning of physical conditions within the context of your life, but steer clear of anything explicit.

Adhering to the above recommendations, you can compose an essay that will be pleasant, interesting and most importantly correct. A well-written work in which the above mistakes are missing is a guarantee of achieving your goal. In addition to personal participation in the work on the text, an essay order can help in this situation.

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