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Pandemic forces companies into online Christmas parties. The most popular are gastro programs, quizzes and escape rooms. reports that offers introducing different online corporate Christmas programs have appeared on the market. The possible program elements are compiled based on the number of guests, age composition and the size of the budget for the event – said Andrea Gáspár, managing director of LifeTraining Kft., which is working with large corporate partners.

There is a huge need for Christmas atmosphere among people working together, to have a meeting where management can say thanks for the past year, the extended working hours and performance in the home office.

But, as she recalled, it was already known in September that traditional corporate parties, festive lunches, dinners, concerts, and even small receptions would not be possible this Christmas. At first, event organisers even thought of hybrid solutions, because the restaurants were still open, but in fact, everyone was sure it was risky to invite employees and customers to a Christmas dinner.

Most online corporate Christmas parties are held in the last full work week before the holiday, with the peak day promising to be December 14th. According to Andrea Gáspár’s experience, the online escape room is at the top of the list, but several companies also present their employees with pop up educational performances, development trainings, theatre performances and concerts.

The majority plan two-hour events, or three hours at most if the program includes cooking.

Virtual wine tastings, gastro workshops and craft classes are typically made from pre-posted ingredients, and well-known chefs and gastro bloggers guide participants. The gastro line is the most popular and also the most expensive due to the costly special ingredients.

Missing Christmas and New Year events is a loss for event venues and traditionally high-traffic restaurants at the end of the year. But creative solutions have also appeared here: the Michelin-acclaimed Laurel Restaurant and Wine Bar, for example, is re-implementing its idea of offering two fine dining boxes from when they had to close due to the second wave, 

The organisers offer online Christmas packages combined with interactive programs for around HUF 8,000 (22 Euros) per participant. Together with the gastronomic elements, the price is already 20-25 thousand forints (55-70 Euros). Gergely Báthory, the owner of the restaurant, said, that it was motivating for them that more and more customers are interested in Christmas menus that can be delivered to the house or given as gifts.

Corporate Christmas is an important and significant event; the online dinner experience is the most that can be given among these circumstances. Customers skillfully combine the boxed Christmas dinner with other online program options, one of the most important aspects of which was to make it easy to prepare and to give the experience of being the recipient’s own cook.

Boxes delivered to shared Zoom or Teams dinners are delivered in personalised packaging with managerial wishes. The restaurant owner is confident that many business owners, executives and HR people are now thinking about this year’s perfect and responsible gift that will somewhat make up for social events as well. The selection of online Christmas parties is based on this need. According to the event organisers, the interest in these is growing day by day, and there is no obstacle like the lack of free locations anymore.


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