North America was the only missing part of the Seven Summits series for the Hungarian lawyer, Emil Neszmélyi, who has now successfully completed the last challenge as well by climbing the 6194-metre-high Denali in Alaska.

The Hungarian lawyer realised his plan to climb the highest point of the Antarctica at the beginning of this year, as a result of which there was only one missing part – North America – that remained uncompleted. But only until now, as Emil Neszmélyi successfully completed the 6194-metre-high Denali in Alaska as well.

This video was made after completing the 6th peak of Seven Summits:

As describes, the persistent mountaineer had several attempts before the final success, which he defined accordingly: “Psychology is a great master; twice I didn’t manage to climb Denali, but I don’t care how many attempts have to be made. (…) It’s not accidental that American special military units also choose this place to train themselves.”

Now, he posted the great news on his Facebook page: “Successfully completed 7 Summits / 7 Mountain Peak series! On 14th June, I successfully reached the 6194m high peak of Denali in Alaska, by which I completed the Messner-version of the 7 Summits series, out of which only the North American peak was missing.”

Neszmélyi Emil Koncz Ákos Seven Summits

Neszmélyi described the expedition with the following words: “Everything went according to plan; the expedition was terribly difficult. A mountain leader was not needed; however, a prepared climbing companion was definitely necessary to succeed. I am glad that I managed to persuade my partner, Ákos Koncz, to join me in this dangerous mission, with whom we complemented each other perfectly. Therefore, above the success of 7 Summits, it is a precious, shared Hungarian success, which means a lot to me. Ready for the new challenge!”

Among Hungarians, Alexandra Németh was the first who completed the Seven Summits, that is to say she climbed the highest peaks of the world’s 7 continents. She was followed by Emil Neszmélyi, who works as a lawyer in his everyday life.

According to the Hungarian mountaineer: “The secret of success is endurance, muscle strength, and mental preparedness. The latter is 80% of the success. I have already acquired the proper mental techniques. It will be an amazing experience to eyewitness such an uninhabited territory.”

However, this was not the first time the Hungarian alpinist presented an extraordinary accomplishment. Neszmélyi gained fame three years ago when – despite suffering from asthma – he was the first Hungarian who climbed the Mount Everest peak on the dreadful northern side. According to the Hungarian mountaineer, besides the process of descending from the Everest peak, life-saving procedures were the second hardest challenges they needed to overcome. Neszmélyi helped in several successful rescue operations by which his exceptional achievement can be considered even more prestigious.

Congratulations to the Hungarian alpinists!


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