Budapest, June 22 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s unorthodox policies are a success story and his government has no alternative in Hungary, Igor Janke, Orban’s Polish biographer, told daily Napi Gazdasag.

However, the ruling Fidesz party should not underestimate the significance of dissatisfaction expressed by its own voters, Janke, a conservative journalist and blogger, told the paper’s Monday issue.

Janke said Hungary’s economic position has become “spectacular” after five years of right-wing government. At the same time, there are many frustrated people in the country and not only because of “chaotic reforms”. Voters are disturbed by the behaviour of top government officials and this opinion should be taken seriously, he said, adding that he was sure Orban would “find the courage” to reverse the negative trends.

Janke also criticised Orban’s foreign policy measures, such as closer proximity to Moscow, as “mistaken”, but added that Orban had by now realised that he had paid a high price for this “increased closeness”.

Janke’s book “Go, Hungarians!” was published in Hungarian in 2013. There is also a Polish and a German edition.

Photo: MTI


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