More and more talented designers, also capable of competing internationally, are appearing in Hungary. They are taking part in an increasing number of prominent events in Hungary presenting their implemented designs. Nini Molnár, Richárd Demeter and the DVA team are the dominant actors in the contemporary Hungarian fashion. Their designs and accessories pop up in many places, online, on the catwalk or in everyday life. In this part, we are focising on Nini Molnár, the interview published in the GLOBS Magazine

Nini Molnár launched her own brand in 2015. Her philosophy has always been to come up with a special statement accessory in each season. The ‘Pombag’, which is a large pompom bag made of Mongolian sheep wool appeared in the first season. The model became a hit with girls soon and the designer became immediately popular.

My personal goal is to give confidence to my customers with my accessories. Hence my motto: Do not forget, confidence is your best accessory. Though our accessories will help you, too!’

Where did you study?

I went to university in London and studied Business Management on a bachelor degree course and International Management on my master course. I did not study fashion in school, I learned it by myself and I believe that I absorbed it while staying and working as a model in London.

When did you decide to engage in design? Was it your dream or a sudden idea? Where did that love come from?

I have always been interested in fashion but never thought that it would become part of my life. Partly, because I thought it was a cliché, as most girls would like to work in this industry. After finishing university, I was attracted to fashion although did not have any specific plan for it. I took a job in marketing and worked as a marketing assistant at a luxury hotel in London. While working there though, I realised that, in fact, I had an entrepreneurial spirit. I combined my love of fashion with that spirit and began to build my own brand alongside my employment.

To create your own brand is not easy. Did you have any assistance? How did you start and of what are you most proud?

I took small steps in the beginning and did not want to invest a lot of money into an uncertain thing. That is why I opened with only one model, the production of which required a much lower investment than producing a whole collection. I had no assistance, apart from my friends and family, whom I consulted on a regular basis. My first success was the sale of the first bag, immediately after the first image had been uploaded. I still consider it a success when I read the happy words of my customers. It is a true professional success that I received the 2016 Special Creation Award and, this March, I was voted ‘Accessory Designer of the Year’ at the Glamour Women of the Year 2017 contest. It gave me great pleasure to have achieved such great recognition within such a short time. It also makes me proud that I have customers not only in Hungary but also in the UK and in numerous other places around the world.

Nini MolnárWho or what inspires you? In what style do you create?

Like any designer, I too follow the trends and try to supersede them and come up with an extraordinary, special bag. I also travel a lot and I am inspired by cultures, architectural styles and other motifs.

Do you design on your own or do others assist you?

There was a lot of pressure on me after ‘Pombag’ to design a similarly special and unique bag. Fortunately, I did not disappointment my customers with my second collection either. I have consulted a few designers and asked for their assistance in design though I have never been able to take fully on board their ideas and therefore I do my design alone. I have a professional team assisting me in the production though.

“My trademarks are special materials and the star motif often occurs on my bags.”

For whom do you design your bags? Who is the target audience for your products?

I design for women and girls to whom quality matters and who also like to stand out, with special pieces. However, I would not like to exclude anyone. One of my greatest fans for example is the grandmother of a close friend of mine who lives in Germany and who simply adores Pombag. My bags are durable and are made in luxury quality and I try to keep them within an affordable price range. Practically anyone can fall in love with a special piece.

What are your plans for the future?

My business goal is to expand with Nini Molnar bags. I wish to reach even more people with the help of the internet, because that is the key to the future and it can help you get anywhere, including Australia and the other side of the world. It is no secret that my dream is to, one day, see my bags on the shelves of really prominent international stores one day.

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Photo: Márton Kecskés and Böbi Molnár

Source: by: Anita Sz.K./GLOBS Magazine

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