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A Hungarian singer, Melinda Szíj, recently came into the limelight by announcing – in her own, modest way – that she is scheduled to perform in the Vatican, in front of Pope Francis – reports

Szíj appeared on a Hungarian talent show back in 2010. Even then, she appeared to be a modest person who was not a fan of being in the centre of attention. Despite this, or, probably, because of this, she attracted a loyal following, and her fans celebrate this newest achievement with her, eight years after she first appeared on our screens. Although she did not win the competition but came in third, despite being likened to Édith Piaf and Barbara Streisand, it is interesting to note that she was asked to perform instead of the winner of that year’s series, who disappeared rather quickly.

Fans of Szíj are very happy for her and feel that she is finally getting the attention and professional recognition that she deserves.

This opportunity is, of course, a great honour but even more so because Szíj recently revealed that faith and religion are very important for both her and her partner. The couple plans to get married in the near future.

singer, hungary talent show
Melinda Szíj with her partner

Just a few months ago, the singer had to go through surgery where a mass was removed from her throat, so it was really uncertain whether she could perform again at all.

Luckily, the operation went well and she is fit again to sing in front of an audience.

So, after the past months of uncertainty and struggle, her short message on social media was very well received by fans:

“I am going to sing at the Saint Peter Basilica in the Vatican on 11 September, at 8 am, and I will attend the audience with the pope the following day. One of the songs I will be singing is Ave Maria.”

Hundreds of fans commented and shared her post, celebrating this milestone. Some of them also pointed out that it is finally time to appreciate Szíj:

“I was just thinking about how the winner of her season is now completely forgotten. The real talent is Melinda. Deepest congratulations!”

Here is a throwback to one of Szíj’s performances on the talent show:

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