Curtiz, Eternal Winter (Örök Tél), Montreal film festival

The Montreal World Film Festival took place this year between 23 August and 3 September. Congratulations are in order, as Index reports that Tamás Yvan Topolánszky’s biopic Curtiz won Best Film, while the Best Director was announced to be Attila Szász for Eternal Winter.

Casablanca is easily one of the best-known films ever made, directed by a Hungarian man, Mihály Kertész, also known as Michael Curtiz. He was the first Hungarian to receive an Oscar as Best Director, and about whom Tamás Yvan Topolánszky’s latest film, Curtiz, is. Curtiz is portrayed by Ferenc Lengyel, the female lead by Evelin Dobos.

Curtiz won first prize in the category Grand Prix des Amériques, or in Best Film – World Competition.

Eternal Winter (Örök Tél), directed by Attila Szász tells the story of those women who were dragged away in stock cars for forced labour by the Soviets on the winter of 1944 to one of the lagers in Ukraine. Marina Gera is in the lead role, who meets an already adjusted prisoner at the labour camp. The male prisoner portrayed by Sándor Csányi shows her the tricks to surviving the camp.

There was a Hungarian win recently at the Cannes Film Festival too, have you heard about it?

Altogether eight Hungarian productions were competing at the Montreal World Film Festival, including the short film Varjúháj (Crow’s fat) by Pici Pápai, Remélem legközelebb sikerül meghalnodJ (I hope next time you will successfully kill yourself) by Mihály Schwechtje, Nyitva (Open) by Orsi Nagypál, Vándorszínészek (Troupers) by Pál Sándor, Világlátó Baltazár (Lend Me Your Eyes, Baltazars) by Dóra Elek, and Jövő szerdán (Next Wednesday) by Norbert Molvay.  

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