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Cooperating with Hungarians beneficial, says Orbán in Romania

Cooperating with Hungarians beneficial, says Orbán in Romania

Cooperating with Hungarians is beneficial for any peoples in the Carpathian Basin, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Oradea/Nagyvárad, in western Romania, on Monday.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the new academic year at the Partium Christian University (PKE – Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem), Orbán said progress made by Hungarians in strengthening their community would contribute to the peace and prosperity of other peoples living in the Carpathian Basin, too.

“We are ready to cooperate and those who cooperate with us will benefit; in fact they will benefit right away,” he said.

“The Slovenes, Slovaks, Serbs and Hungarians are all making progress by strengthening each other and I hope that Romania, too, will one day embark on this path,” he added.


Orban attributed these developments to “the fact that we have succeeded in making Hungary a strong and respected central state in Europe”.

He named dual citizenship, expanding education opportunities, “the strengthening of Hungarian intellectual power centres” as “the first signs of a Hungarian age on the upswing”.

“Today, all throughout the Carpathian Basin, there are economic programmes that allow you to stay and make a living in your homeland,” Orbán said.

As regards the challenges of the future, he said: “Today, all we can say is that the foundation on which Hungarians in the motherland and you in Transylvania can build your futures is expanding with each passing day.”

“The strong hinterland we have now would have been the stuff of dreams a decade ago,” he said. “The motherland has pulled itself together and stands on its own two feet,” Orbán said, adding that Hungary had created a labour-based economy, family-based society, patriotic education and a “nationally-principled foreign policy”.

The prime minister vowed that Hungary would extend further support to the Partium Christian University.

“There will only be a Hungarian future in the Carpathian Basin if the youth placed into the service of the nation are committed and prepared,” he said.

“The Hungarian future is shaped by those youth who are brave enough to choose family, community and the nation, and courageous enough to choose traditional and tested European values over fashionable directions that roll up everything into one uniform mass,” Orbán said.

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