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Ukrainian, Romanian and Serbian guest workers heading for Western Europe are only being allowed to enter the territory of Hungary during a fixed period of four hours.

Further conditions are that they do not display symptoms of coronavirus infection, verify that they meet the Schengen entry requirements, and have proof that their entry into the country of destination is guaranteed, a staff member of the duty centre of the Operational Group responsible for the containment of the coronavirus epidemic said at an online press conference held on Tuesday.

Róbert Kiss said

guest workers have four hours to enter the country at Röszke, Nagylak and Záhony.

Upon entry, yellow warning stickers are displayed on their vehicles in which they are only allowed to travel on the designated transit routes.

A fixed time slot has also been determined for the exit of guest workers.

Guest workers entering the territory of Hungary are given written information about the fixed time slots, but their attention is also drawn to the new regulations verbally. The new border traffic control system serves to ensure that guest workers heading for Western Europe should leave the country within the shortest possible time, he added.

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