Regarding the coronavirus, the government of Hungary decided that Budapest’s cinemas, theatres, museums, and libraries have to close for the time being because of the virus.

As we have reported before, the Hungarian government’s emergency measures prohibit in-door events with more than 100 participants and outdoor ones with more than 500. This affects all major theatres, cinemas, museums, and others while travelling with international trains is also forbidden. 

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MÁV – International railway tickets 

Napi reported that many people bought international MÁV tickets to other foreign countries, but due to the emergency measures, the company decided to give everyone a full refund for tickets valid until April 11 if it is requested. 

The requests can be communicated to MÁV in person at railway stations, ticket offices, but writing an e-mail to [email protected] is also a possibility. In this case, the tickets purchased (if they are not electronic) need to be mailed to 1426 Budapest, Pf.: 56. 

Tickets under 50,000 HUF are paid back immediately in person, while with the ones worth over 50,000 HUF, a special form needs to be filled which can be downloaded from MÁV’s official website. The money is given back in cash (if the tickets were paid with cash) or transferred back to the purchaser’s bank account (if a credit card was used). 

MÁV prohibited the purchase of international train tickets until the government’s ban is lifted. 

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All the major theatres in the country capable to entertain more than 100 viewers postponed their plays in March until the end of the ban. The theatres informed their viewers to keep the tickets purchased until the government decides to open the theatres again. When this happens, another appointment will be offered for every viewer with the same originally bought ticket as soon as possible, or they can expect a full refund. 


Cinema City, the leading cinematic company of Hungary, outraged people when it was announced that all movies will be played in cinemas in Budapest and other cities, with a maximum of 99 viewers allowed. Tickets can also only be purchased in a limited amount.

Although Cinema City complexes are open, other cinemas like Corvin, Puskin, Toldi, and Tabán are closed. 


Between March 14-15, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Hungarian National Gallery, the Ferenc Hopp Museum, and the Vasarely Museum will be closed, and all exhibitions with over 100 visitors are banned. As tickets can be purchased in advance to every exhibition, museums will soon inform guests about the refund procedures. 

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Coronavirus – Mayor: Budapest’s cinemas, theatres, museums, libraries to be closed

Budapest’s cinemas, theatres, museums, and libraries are being closed for the time being because of the new coronavirus, Gergely Karácsony, the city’s mayor, announced on Thursday. Performances will be suspended in all cinemas and theatres maintained by the local government, while museums and all branches of the Szabó Ervin Library will be closed, the mayor told a news conference.



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