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“We had to butcher a hen on our balcony,” one of them said. The Chinese authorities established a strict quarantine around the epicentre of the deadly disease, so those living there try to do their best to survive.

According to Blikk, Zoltán remained in Wuhan from where the deadly coronavirus started to spread last December only because of his girlfriend. There is a curfew at the moment in Wuhan, but, fortunately, they were able to do a huge shopping trip before authorities introduced it, so they consider themselves lucky to wait for the end of the epidemic with large amounts of food.

My girlfriend bought two living ducks and a hen so she could handle them on our balcony, and thus, we can eat meat,” Zoltán added. Moreover, they bought a lot of long-lasting food, for example, pasta. They say that they have enough food for one month even.

Zoltán decided to remain in the Chinese city because of his girlfriend,

so he did not come home to Hungary with the plane that brought those home who chose to leave the country last weekend.

Zoltán is by profession a composer and works as a music director in a huge theatre show. He is the only one who can manage the performance, he has no substitute in that role. Even though they do not know yet for how long the theatre remains closed, he hopes that sooner or later everything will be the same as before the outbreak of the disease.


Róbert, another Hungarian living in China, said that in Beijing,

the capital of the country, most people work from their homes or just sit in front of the TV and the internet, watching the news. Every hour, the official media reports the number of those infected, the number of those who are cured and those who died because of the coronavirus.

In many of the hospitals, there is not enough protective equipment, but many companies are donating such materials for the institutions.

People consider the measures introduced by the authorities to be ordinary, so there is no panic at all,

he declared.

Yesterday, the Hungarian university student who decided to leave Wuhan, the epicentre of the disease, could leave the hospital in Hungary where he was asked to remain for some medical examinations after he arrived home. Since he was symptom-free, the South-Pest Hospital Centre let him go home. However, yesterday, the Chinese doctor who first warned about the coronavirus died because of the disease.

As we reported before, all passengers arriving at the Budapest airport are tested for symptoms of the coronavirus. There are temporarily-placed heat cameras that help select those passengers whose temperature is above 38 degrees. They are taken to a separate room for a medical examination. So far, there have been no reports that anybody was taken for special medical examination because of the coronavirus.


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