According to, the Volkswagen-Dining Guide’s Restaurant of the Year prizes were awarded recently. The popular Costes led by Chef Eszter Palágyi was chosen as the best restaurant for the third time (after 2009 and 2012).

It was the 13th time that the Dining Guide’s Restaurant of the Year prize was awarded. The professional jury visited and evaluated Hungarian restaurants throughout the year. During the evaluation, they considered aspects like the atmosphere of the restaurant, the quality of ingredients, the preparation and serving of the dishes etc.

The winner of the main prize, the popular Michelin-starred Costes, led by Eszter Palágyi, received 93 points. According to the evaluation of the jury, it’s one of Hungary’s most stable kitchens, which managed to stay unchanged after getting the Michelin-star in 2016. The kitchen of Hungary’s first Michelin-starred restaurant is led by Eszter Palágyi. Former executive chef Miguel Vieira doesn’t have a word in the operation of the restaurant anymore, so the Hungarian chef can put a bigger emphasis on Hungarian specialities.


Top ten Hungarian restaurants in 2017:

  1. Costes Restaurant
  2. Babel
  3. Onyx
  4. Borkonyha (Wine Kitchen)
  5. Costes Downtown
  6. Olimpia
  7. Salon
  8. St. Andrea Borbár
  9. Arany Kaviár
  10. MÁK Bistro

Further prizes were also awarded at the ceremony. Babel Budapest won the prize for the “Most Promising Restaurant”. The 2017 Bocuse d’Or team was awarded with the “Chef Performance of the Year” prize. The jury believes that Tamás Széll, Szabina Sulló, Zoltán Hamvas, Kevin Szabó and Frigyes Vomberg set new values in Hungarian gastronomy.

The “Street Food of the Year” prize was awarded to Kemencés Pizzeria. Ádám Garai, the chef of Olimpia, became the “Young Chef Talent of the Year”, the kitchen of MÁK restaurant is the “Innovative Kitchen of the Year”, while Ákos Sárközi, the chef of Borkonyha, was chosen as the “Chef of the Year”.


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