Prague, September 28 (MTI) – A crowd of some 500-600 people representing Czech civil groups gathered in front of the Hungarian embassy in Prague on Monday to hold a demonstration in support of the Hungarian government’s handling of Europe’s migrant crisis.

The Hungarian government is trying to preserve Europe and European traditions based on Christianity and Greco-Roman culture, the demonstrators said.

“Hungarians in the past defended Europe from the Ottoman Turks, and were once again among the first to stand up for Europe and its values by trying to stem the flow of illegal migrants onto our continent,” Pavel Skacel, an official at the Institute of Slavonic Strategic Studies (ISSTRAS), said.

Demonstrators were chanting “Thank you! Thank you!” and “Orban! Orban”, police said.


  1. Nice show of support from the Czech people!! The Visegrad 4 can see the invasion for what it is, yet Merkel and the E.U. Are blindly leading the rest of Europe into destruction.

  2. Merkel is not blind! She and the rest of her fellow conspirators know exactly what they’re doing! And they’re doing it deliberately!
    Never has such treachery been visited on a civilisation as is being witnessed in these days, never!
    Hungary is a shining light, a heartwarming example of a govt dedicated to preserving its culture and heritage! May they continue to be strong and resolute!

  3. Well done guys, keep it up! While the German people are still under u.s. occupation, and the once great Nations of southern Europe are currently suffering from the marxist plague, it’s up to the proud Nations of central Europe to defend the continent from the islamic invasion. Now let’s hope for a good result in the Polish elections.

  4. Hungary

    There are many people in the United States , that admire your courage with regard to the current migrant crisis ..

    Let’s make no mistake, the migrants are invaders ; and will inevitably destroy your culture ; and the culture of the West..

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