On Thursday the organizers are going to carry a smaller device of volume to the bridge, to perk up the night picnic with a spontaneous dance. Most of the time at the event Salsa will be on programme, but there will be some Bachata and Kizomba aswell.

Starting around 19:00 o’clock, and the end is about 22:00.

The organizers have to adjust to the other users of the bridge, for this we will try to insure a bikeway. The organizers would like to ask the dancers to pay regard to the not-dancer visitors, too!

There won’t be any dancing parquet, they will dance on the bitumen-concrete floor of the bridge. Dance shoes are prohibited, threadbare footwear is recommended!

Join to the Facebook event HERE.

In case of bad weather we cancel this event. 

Source: Salsa a Hídon – Baila Budapest!

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