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Dangerous supercell – Weather forecast for the next few days

Dangerous supercell – Weather forecast for the next few days

The massive thunderstorm in Sopron this Tuesday caused a lot of destruction. Trees were uprooted, electric poles fell on the roads, roofs were damaged when this supercell arrived, reports.

The whole county suffered because of the supercell. After some electricity lines were torn by trees falling on them, almost 3000 homes were left without electricity. And not just in Sopron. This picture was taken in Kecskemét, on the other side of the country, showing the destruction and the people trying to repair what they can as soon as possible, so no one is left without electricity for too long.

Photo: MTI/Ujvári Sándor

Professional and volunteer firefighters were working in the damaged areas. The rain also caused problems in Sopron: the huge amount of water in such a short period of time damaged several houses.


This thunderstorm is unlike anything we have experienced this year. Huge amounts of rainfall and strong winds of about 100 km/h were witnessed, along with hailstones of 2 to 5 cm in diameter.

storm Sopron clouds

Photo: Rebeka Váradi

There is a storm alert in the whole country for the next few days. Two weeks barely passed since the National Weather Service issued a second level storm alert for two counties.

So far we do not know of any personal injuries caused by the weather.

According to, we can expect more rain on the western part of the country and thunderstorms everywhere else on Thursday. Wind will still be strong, with temperatures around 19-26 Celsius during the day, and it will not go below 14-19 Celsius even during the night.

On Friday and during the weekend we can expect clouds and only short periods of sunny weather. Many small storms could reach us during these days, with more rain on Friday.

At least 5 mm of rain is expected in 90% of Hungary. Minimum temperatures during the night will be between 14-19 Celsius. Maximum daytime temperatures will rise from the initial 20-26 Celsius to 25-31 on Sunday then will fall again on Monday.

Featured image: MTI/Varga György


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