Magyar Közlöny published a new government regulation. It claims that 70 settlements belong to the highlighted tourism unit of the Danube Bend. The government is planning a series of renewals costing 229 million euros, which will be financed by Hungarian funds, according to

Danube Bend is the collective name of the area in Northern Hungary near the city of Visegrad, where the river takes a huge curve towards the east. It lies between the Transdanubian Mountains and the North Hungarian Mountains. The government has determined which settlements belong to this highlighted tourism unit. They also accredited the strategic development program dealing with the individual improvements in the area between 2017 and 2030.

They will improve the cycle paths of Börzsöny (4.94 million euros), extend the railways of Börzsöny (9.2 million euros), improve the vessel traffic on the Danube (41.6 million euros), the hiking center in Dobogókő (4.94 million euros) as well as the skiing park (3.2 million euros). The further improvements also affect the Szent István historic bath (16.5 million euros), the fortress of Monostor (about a million euros) and the area of the Danube bank near Nagymaros (3.3 million euros).

The government also agreed with the construction of a spiritual center in the Pilis (10 million euros) and the connecting of Budapest and Szentendre with the Bubi system (3.3 million euros). They are also planning to reconstruct the Danube promenade in Szentendre (8.6 million euros), improve the Baroque city center (10 million euros) and the museum area (3.3 million euros), as well as the Lepence shore (6.6 million euros).

The plans also include the establishment of panorama spots for drivers (1.7 million euros), creating gastronomy and vinery centers for tourists (1.7 million euros), and reviving e-mobility by constructing service stations for electric vehicles (3.3 million euros).

The ministers of national development and internal affairs will check these plans for overlaps with the finished and the planned water investments in the area.


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