The harmony of water, mountains, flora and fauna, beautiful cities and sights characterise the Danube Bend, which is one of the most special regions in Hungary. Visiting Esztergom, Visegrád or Szentendre could be a perfect weekend getaway. To get you in the mood, we present you an amazing drone video shot by Veronika Mag.

The video features three major cities along the Danube Bend: Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre. Esztergom is known for the Basilica, the centre of the Hungarian Catholic Church. The beautiful Basilica towering above the Danube Bend is one of the most important symbols of Hungary. It’s a gorgeous, harmonic and well-built building, a true classical masterpiece, and a must-see sight in Hungary.

The Castle of Visegrád is a popular place for a hike among the residents of Budapest due to its closeness and the view it offers. The castle has been the favourite of kings for centuries, inside you will find a waxworks collection presenting medieval life. But the best part is the panorama for sure: the Börzsöny Mountains and the Danube Bend will blow your mind.

The last “stop” of the video is Szentendre, the most famous island of the Danube. It is a 31-kilometre-long island on the Danube North of Budapest. In addition to the several ploughlands, orchards and vineyards located there, it is quite rich in waters, thus it’s most important role is to supply Budapest and the neighbouring towns with water. And the city of Szentendre lying across the island is a must-visit treasure-chest.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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