Budapest, October 20 (MTI) – The final vote on the government’s constitutional amendment proposal related to migrant quotas may be held later than the originally set date of Nov. 8, the cabinet state secretary in charge of government communications told daily Magyar Idők on Thursday.

Bence Tuzson told the paper that the government will consider scrapping its residency bond scheme, a precondition set by opposition Jobbik for supporting the amendment.


“We will scrutinise every proposal since this matter concerns national interest,” he said.

The cabinet will discuss the matter at its meeting next week, Tuzson told the paper, noting that the government had already indicated to review the scheme over the previous weeks.

The constitutional amendment proposal will require support by two-thirds of all lawmakers to pass in the 199-seat parliament, the paper noted.

The allied ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrat parties currently hold 131 mandates in the assembly.

Source: MTI

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