constitutional amendment


Opposition turns to top court on election law amendment

"The new mechanism obviously violates fundamental democratic rights"

New conspiracy theory spreading quickly: Hungary does not exist; it is an American firm

Some believe that Hungary does not exist as a country. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #conspiracy

Hungarian Top Court: amendment of the Criminal Procedure Act is constitutional

The legislative amendment makes it possible to raise corruption cases in court. #hungary #dailynewshungary #court #constitution #amendment

Jobbik proposes constitutional amendment and central bank law due to the weak forint

"The exchange rate of the euro against the forint was around 266 at the time of the change of government in 2010"

Fidesz group leader submits 11th constitutional amendment proposal

Fidesz submitted the 11th amendment proposal to Hungary's Fundamental Law to parliament on Tuesday

Hungarian parliament approves 10th amendment to constitution

10th amendment to the Constitution in 11 years

Banning Russian gas and oil imports would not help Ukraine, says Hungarian ruling parties

"Banning Russian gas and oil imports would not help Ukraine, it could not force Russia to stop its military operations, while..."

Constitutional amendment about freedom to take responsible action, says minister

11 years, 10th constitutional amendment proposal:

Speaker: some voices suggested the new constitution could be written in Brussels

Hungary is facing the erosion of parliamentary norms as a new generation of parliamentarians seem unwilling to adhere to house rules,he said. #Hungary #Hungarian #parliament #LászlóKövér #Speaker #dailynewshungary #EU

More power for the Orbán cabinet? Minister submits 10th constitutional amendment proposal

"The Russian-Ukrainian war has resulted in a humanitarian situation not seen since the Second World War and..."

Could the Hungarian constitution be “annulled with the stroke of a pen”?

"The contents of the constitution can be up for debate, but the amendments can be implemented only according to current legislation" 🇭🇺 #constitution #politics #law #rights #fundamentallaw #hungary #dailynewshungary

Opposition to annul the Constitution at the stroke of a pen?

The chief prosecutor would like help from the prime minister. #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #opposition #Constitution #Fidesz #ViktorOrbán #Speaker #President

International conference marks 10th anniversary of Hungarian constitution

"According to the Hungarian constitution, a father is a man and a mother woman, while the EP has passed a decision under which men could give birth."

Hungarian footballer Gulácsi speaks up for rainbow families

The first time a selected sportsperson speaks up the topic ??️‍???? #equality #family #acsaladazcsalad #football #soccer #hungarian #hungary #dailynewshungary

UN: Hungary’s 9th constitutional amendment goes against fundamental human rights

UN accused the government of violating fundamental human rights at least 13 times in the last 2 years.

Hungarian lawmakers adopt 9th constitutional amendment: mother is female and the father is male

From now on in Hungary the #mother is female and the #father is male.

EU Commissioner calls for continued Article 7 procedure against Hungary, Poland

The EU's Article 7 procedures currently underway against #Hungary and #Poland should be upheld - MEP @dreynders

Hungarian government: same-sex couples should be excluded from adoption

“In order to ensure the healthy physical and mental development of children." ?‍?‍??‍?‍?

Minister: Controversial constitutional amendment proposal seeks to protect families

The bill is criticised for stating that "the father is a man" and "the mother is a woman"

Coronavirus – Budapest Mayor Karácsony to coordinate measures with districts

"While we should be reining in the epidemic, the government is working to curb the opposition's chances by amending the election law" - #Karácsony