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Fidesz group leader submits 11th constitutional amendment proposal

Fidesz submitted the 11th amendment proposal to Hungary's Fundamental Law to parliament on Tuesday

Hungarian parliament approves 10th amendment to constitution

10th amendment to the Constitution in 11 years

Banning Russian gas and oil imports would not help Ukraine, says Hungarian ruling parties

"Banning Russian gas and oil imports would not help Ukraine, it could not force Russia to stop its military operations, while..."

Constitutional amendment about freedom to take responsible action, says minister

11 years, 10th constitutional amendment proposal:

Speaker: some voices suggested the new constitution could be written in Brussels

Hungary is facing the erosion of parliamentary norms as a new generation of parliamentarians seem unwilling to adhere to house rules,he said. #Hungary #Hungarian #parliament #LászlóKövér #Speaker #dailynewshungary #EU

More power for the Orbán cabinet? Minister submits 10th constitutional amendment proposal

"The Russian-Ukrainian war has resulted in a humanitarian situation not seen since the Second World War and..."