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According to Fidesz parliament member Gergely Gulyás, same-sex couples should be excluded from adoption “for the sake of the child’s physical and emotional development.” This comment comes shortly after the government claimed the reasoning behind their proposed bill was that “marriage lasts longer than cohabitation.”

Many have criticised the government for proposing a constitutional amendment during a national emergency.

Ironically, the Hungarian government has condemned the European Union for dealing with LGBTQ and gender matters instead of managing the COVID-19 epidemic, Telex reports. However, they just recently proposed a constitutional amendment aimed at ensuring that same-sex couples cannot adopt. The bill also wants to make sure that the constitution makes it clear that “the father is a man” and “the mother is a woman”.

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The government’s bill aims to make sure that all children are brought up according to Christian values, and it seeks to protect Hungarian families. Their bill specifies that “the father is a man” and “the mother is a woman” and that children have a right to their gender of birth because “these things are now being questioned in many parts of the world.”

The government finds this bill so important that they proposed it right after they announced a state of emergency in Hungary due to the second wave of the coronavirus.

The press has asked Gulyás about the interesting timing of the bill, to which he said that despite the epidemiological situation, everyone in Hungary, including members of parliament, must work. He believes that work must continue in the parliament in accordance with the ordinary legislative order. He also said that: “In order to ensure the healthy physical and mental development of children”, same-sex couples should be excluded from adoption.

Gulyás said the current government only maintained the regulation that was originally adopted by the left-wing government in 2009, and he draws people’s attention to its justification.

The bill would subject anyone except married couples to a separate ministerial permit to be able to adopt. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Hungary. Therefore, same-sex couples would practically be excluded from adoption.

The government previously claimed that the aim of the bill is not to eliminate same-sex couples. They argued that “marriage is more stable than cohabitation.” They also argued that by “preferring” married couples, adopted children could be brought up in “a loving and truly stable environment.”

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  1. Fraught with humongous danger, in modern day 21st century, the composition of society, its make-up, under Democratic – Philosophies and Ideas, is the “black & white” position that Gergely Gulyas adapts and is the front Governmental spokesperson on the subject of Cohabitation.
    Tolerance – working together to find a sensible common ground – without the dogmatic, dictatorial, steadfast attitude of inflexibility, discriminating and failing to lisen, giving ground on subjects, that are a way of life universally of the 21st century.
    Needs to be quite a serious re-visit to this subject, as 2022, could be not a favourable vote catcher, especially in the younger sector of voters.
    Stay safe & Well – ALL.

  2. Hungary – 42% of its population is of the Catholic Faith.
    Gergely Gulyas – advise to me is that he is Catholic by Faith, then if not, should still find this comment and opinion of Interest.
    Pope Francis – the Bishop of Rome and head of the Universal Catholic Church, famously answered journalists questioning him on sexuality indifference – its Wrongful or Rightful place in the Catholic Church, the laws and doctrine of that Religion, humanely replied to the question – Who am I to Judge.
    Pope Francis – is big time – on Tolerance.
    If we Fail in Tolerance – it could be argued, failure to live and practice our lives, in the words and meaning of the new command – John : 13 : 34-35 – we could leave ourselves open, to be seen as a hypocrite.
    Doors must never be sealed and closed, but acceptance being tolerant, working communicating together finding the happy medium and at all times Respectful to all opinions expressed by all humans.
    Segregation – Alienation, when faced with such confrontation that challenges us, revert back to Tolerance – finding forbearance of others, and don’t be the judge.

  3. Thank goodness for the present Hungarian Government and their very sensible approach to adoption of children.

    For those of you who don’t know, Mario was adopted and raised by two Muslim refugees who refused to work for a living, instead demanding that the authorities provide everything free of charge (sounds familiar).

    Can you imagine what would have happened to Mario if his ‘fathers’ didn’t have their camel for sexual gratification ?

    Oh dear.

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