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Energy sanctions: Hungary has received exemptions from the EU

Hungary has achieved exemptions from multiple new European Union energy sanctions concerning Russian deliveries. Here are the details. #Hungary #Hungarian #energy #sanctions #EuropeanUnion #EU #dailynewshungary

Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev hold talks in Hungary

President Novák and PM Orbán holds talks with Uzbek president in Budapest

Orbán cabinet: Hungary’s gas reserves third highest in EU compared to annual consumption

"The government is planning to increase the country's gas extraction"

Hungary, Uzbekistan to launch nuclear cooperation programme

Hungary is "highly likely" to provide the cooling technology for Uzbekistan's new nuclear plant

Servicemen receive higher wages in Hungary

The government has raised the wages of servicemen, details:

Orbán failed to solve the teachers’ situation in 12 years, now the House Speaker is asking for more time

House Speaker presumably speaks lightly about teachers' salaries, as Kövér takes home a gross monthly salary of EUR 8,500, which would pay the monthly salaries of 10 low-paid teachers...